1,200 stranded Manipuris to head home from Bengaluru today; Rs. 12.36 lakh sanctioned for train fare

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Chief Minister, Manipur has sanctioned Rs. 12,36, 000 from the Chief Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund for payment of train fare for Shramik Special Train that will bring 1200 stranded Manipuri passengers from Bengaluru Area to Jiribam  at the rate of  Rs. 1030 per head.

The amount is to be debited from Chief Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, Account No. 70600875695 maintained with Manipur State Cooperative Bank Ltd.

Managing Director, Manipur State Cooperative Bank Ltd. is to debit the account for the amount and transfer the same no the account of SWR Sale Pooling Account, Hubballi.

The passengers will leave Bengaluru on May 9 and is expected to arrive at Jiribam on May 12.

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